Please Take Me Away

  April 20th, 2010 by studyharddiehard

I moved to a new country. The school is hard, the friends suck,I can’t get over what I’m feeling. My parents argue with me all day, because they can’t tust me, and they think I’m not taking my life seriously enough. Maybe they are right, because at this moment, I’m considering swallowing a bottle of pills, or jumping off my apartment roof.

They say, I need to do the right things, they make me feel like i’m unimportant. They make me feel like dieing. No one knows how I feel, no one knows what it’s like. Atleast no one I’ve met. All the stories I’ve read have told me to look forward to the furture, but it’s hard to look at the future when the present is clouding up your veiw.

I’ve looked for advice, someone to care about me, but I’ve yet to find someone.

I guess my times up.

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