Realising I don’t give a damn.

  April 18th, 2010 by whiteylover

Suicide. My beautiful suicide.

There are those people who can’t commit suicide because they can’t take that step, they don’t have the guts.

There are those people who can’t because they are scared to leave people behind. hah. wow.

There are those people who just don’t because they are too scared of surviving with brain damage or paralysis or some shit.

That’d be me. 😛

I’m constantly being reminded of how much i hate people and how much this world sucks, yet I still choose to live in it. Because i’m a dumb ass chick who doesn’t want to end up alive in the end. Well then I guess there’s another part of me that wants to not succeed because that part wants to see how much people truely care….idk. It’s stupid.

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