April 25th, 2010 by thealmostmoon

This is my story i guess… I grew up with two parent and my younger sister Jaidyn. My mothers Bipolar and my dad has i guess minor anger contolling problems i dotn know how to put it. I hated being home and i was always close to my grandma my mom would always say she stole me away right when i was born i practically lived with her whenever i wasnt in school . In june she died in a car accident and i was torn just before she died my parents divorced of my mother who was cheating and a custody battle began my mother has my younger brother and sister while i live with my dad and his soon to be wife and new baby brother im 13 i have wonderfull friends but my dad he always brings me down calls me a mothy brat he tells me to pack my stuuf and leave its gote violent before he abuses me emotionally but i stay i always tell myself its becasue of my friends but i wonder if thats the real reason i dont know suicide has been a thought but i wont i cant wait fro the day i turn 18 and get the hell out of here his girlfriend is no better she hates me silently she kicked my brother out and she trys to get me out her life rvloeves around her baby and my dad im the outcast here im alone and my mothers diffrent she abused me when i was younger and i hated her for that i guess i dont no what to do sometimes i dont know if i can take it i have once mad the mistake of telling a not true friend … my best friend used to be the same but her dad is changeing so he says he doesnt touch her or scream but alll the while my dad gets worse im so alone in this world and alomost 6 years till i can leave this hell hole

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