All we know is all we are.

  May 16th, 2010 by LuckyLemon

All I know is how to be unhappy about every thing life has handed me. Anything good that has passed my way is a double edged sword, readily awaiting a moment of weakness to make it’s sharp attack on the already wounded me. It’s hard, so fucking hard, to even live anymore. I don’t even care how melodramatic any of this sounds. Dramatics are what I do best. Scratch that, depression, anger, and misery are what I do best. Trust me, I am feeling each of these emotions a thousand times over right now and it’s literally killing me. The little of me that it doesn’t manage to murder begs me to just end it all with one gunshot, one bottle of pills, one moment of week desperation… After all, suicide is a game that you only win once.

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