Difficult Life.

  May 7th, 2010 by xKillerCassidy

It all started this year.

I found this amazing guy, & I’ve actually have known him since last year, I had a major crush on his best friend, & at the time, he was dating one of my close friends. But my friend eventually broke up with him & got with someone new. He asked me out, & of course I gladly said yes, I don’t know, he just was like one of those guys who could melt your heart in a split second. He totally respected me. & then one day, my friend & I were talking, & she told me all kinds of these things about him. Of course, I believed & broke up with him. It was all good, I didn’t care, I was happy. But when I saw him at the mall with this girl I know, I was pissed & slightly jealous. For some reason, after that happened, I just can’t get over him. When him & that girl finally broke up, we got back together again. It was a total on & off thing. I loved him so much, & he said he loved me back. He was such a sweetheart, & he always made me feel safe. We would always say we loved each other every night before bed. & then he walks out of my life. I was so fucking hurt! How could he say he loved me, & then just walk out on me! especially when I need him most right now since my parents are getting divorced. I can’t believe he lied to me, I thought he was the one for me, & he is on my mind all the damn time. I just wish he would leave. I cry when I think of him, & I really just wish, he never ever talked to me, then this would of never happened, & I wouldn’t be so hurt. & I really wouldn’t be harming myself.


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