How do you go back?

  May 5th, 2010 by Legendria

I recently stumbled upon this website while searching for ways to overcome my suicidal intentions. Though I’ve been having depression for a number of years, I’ve never actually constructed or attempted suicide, only kept it in my imagination. But a few days ago, I actually made a noose, complete with testing to see if it would work. I’m getting worried.

My brother told me to go back to work so that my mind is occupied with other things, but I’m afraid because the last time I worked, I had a mental breakdown right in the office. My question is, how do the rest of you, who are facing the same problem as me, go to work? How do you manage to function at your job? How do you go back? I’m just asking, I don’t mean any offense just incase I wrote something wrong and just incase my words are misconstrued.

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