I’m the problem

  May 1st, 2010 by hellknow22

Here is the problem:

I’m married my wife is distance from me we hardly ever talk anymore, she comes home after work I sit at the computer looking for work, my background could or well screw me over for a job. I’m a disable veteran my back always hurt which causes me to lose sleep and I stay up for days on end. I have nightmares every night. I feel her pain that we cant talk and she would not understand what I’m think to cure the problem. I understand the problem is me. She trys to help me feel better. But I’m a drain on her I must stress her out most of the time. Lack of job interviews, the lack of help from the VA, Lack of time. So I have decided to go this way……..I call it a time delay fuse…which is if wants to leave me I will kill myself  in a manner that looks like murder then she would be able get the life insurance policy that I got for her. I have selected a nice spot it quiet got a good view not may people go there. I have selected the chosen outfit my service uniform, weapon to do the act, There will be know letter of why because what is there to say. I hope my body isn’t discovered right away if at all.

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