Sleeping Pills = Yum

  May 4th, 2010 by Anna

And so sometimes, I could kill everyone. But then sometimes I am filled with such rage and disgust that humans could choose to take the life of another.

And then sometimes I cut myself and it makes me feel sharper. But then sometimes I look at my arm and worry that I’m doing it so that someone will help me.

And then sometimes I think about Christmas and how much fun it is to spend time with the family. But then sometimes I get filled with immense sadness because one day, I know they will all die.

And then sometimes I revel in being unattractive, knowing that appearance mean nothing. But then sometimes I wish that I was much more beautiful.

And then sometimes I am so pleased I am where I am today, because I have direction. But then sometimes I hate where I am because I am limited by the choices I have already made.

And then sometimes people’s ignorance makes me chuckle and reminds me that I am so much smarter than most of the people I encounter on a daily basis. But then sometimes their stupidity crushes me because if everyone felt the same as I do, we could work out the answers.

And then sometimes I think about killing myself and I feel empowered. But then sometimes I think about killing myself and become filled with regret and guilt.

And then sometimes religion is a method of mind-control and social sanctioning that limits the thought ability of millions of people But then sometimes, I wish that I could believe in Heaven because then I would have function.

And right now I am wondering why there are so many bugs in my room.


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