there’s a possibility that all i had is all i gon’ get.

  May 2nd, 2010 by possibility

I am empty. a shell. and when im not, im pain. im using. im self-harming. im trying to escape. fucked up family, to the max. i cant even write all of the shit i’ve been through with them. molestation memories haunting my mind. 2 lost loves. who use me. i was in a abusive relationship… still am. no one wants me around. my thoughts eat away at me. i feel trapped on this earth filled with black hearts and evil souls. cruel happyness surrounds me, yet a grey cloud always seems to hang above my head. I have wanted to die ever since i was little. depression hit me young. and never EVER left. i wanna leave more than anything. what is the fastest method? btw, i do not have a gun so that is out of the question

Listen to Possibility by Lykke Li. its how i feel. i miss my love. im lost.

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