Torn and Gone.

  May 9th, 2010 by Hornet16

Yeah, I have a heart, I can still feel it beating.
But it’s not there anymore to me.
It’s been ripped out and torn to pieces so many times I’m tired of picking up the pieces and taping them back together.

I’ve become deathly shy, even talking makes me uncomfortable. Kind of funny I suppose, two have my teachers have mentioned ‘It’s always the quiet ones’ at least once.

I’m too much of a wimp to kill myself, but everyday, I beg for an accident, or some kind of mistake. That started last year or so. I was riding the school bus, and the road was extremely icy, and you could barely see through the snowstorm. I realized that we could have any accident, and just as suddenly, I realized I’d be ok with that.

So, now I just wish someone would put me out of my misery, my request is always unanswered, of course.

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