Why do we die young?

  May 4th, 2010 by amadero

I am 38 years old. My wife is 30.  She is Native American and we met at a Casino that we both were working at. I grew up close to two reservations but never knew anyone that lived there until I started working for the Casino. Since then I have seen so many young deaths on the reservation. I too get sad and depressed and feel like I can not go on. But then I think about the people I would hurt in the process. As I read some of the articles on this project website I understand that there is loneliness. It is the ultimate act for being heard. Suicide is NEVER the answer but I can understand the sadness that drives one to suicide. What I really want to understand is what can be done to prevent someone from actually going through with it. If there is one life to be saved, how do we do it? Are you not being heard? Is it mental, physical? Some people that are suicidal have devastating stories to tell. But what if you don’t and you still feel this way? What if you do have family that loves you and siblings that care for you and you still feel this way?  What can be done to prevent you from even thinking about suicide? What makes you happy or even have a brief smile? When you don’t think about it then what ARE you thinking? My heart really hurts for people and their families of people who commit suicide. If I can understand this and help others and maybe save at least one life in MY lifetime then I may too not feel this way.

I am writing this because I found my wife’s friend (who was staying with us for awhile) dead from drugs and alcohol in our home. She was 29 and Native American and we loved her. So did all of her brothers and sisters. She was trying to make something of herself. We didn’t see it coming. Then a few days ago my wife’s beautiful 19 year old niece called her mom crying and asked that she tell her she loved her. Her mom did and then heard a gun shot. She shot herself in the chest with a shotgun. She has two brothers and two sisters all younger than her. She was also Native American. In between their deaths (only months apart) there have been a number of young  adults that have lost their lives, some of them my wife’s former classmates. All of them Native American. I just want to know what is going on in their minds and what I could do to help.

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