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by jt

I am not a religous person.  Plain and simple, but i support the church.  The church does good things for people but has an odd premise.  It demands complete faith, submission, and obedience to one higher power that controls all things.  This Faith is blind for religoin.  Do we really know if there is a god that we can submit to?

No we dont.

Interesting thing is, religions have been popping up and then getting crushed by one another.  All claiming to be the true religion with the god/s with a capital “G”.

So, lets just for a moment, assume that religion is an elaborate rouse.  Now remember, i just want you to think about it.  If there is nothing after this life, then what do we do with this one?  Most people can’t bear the thought of there being nothing after this life.  I prefer to think that if there is nothing after this, all the better!  This my friends, is an oppurtunity to make the most of things, live life to the fullest!  While i don’t have the happiest life on the planet, I’d like to think i’m satisfied with things.  I have been able to enjoy my things, deal with the consequences and get on with my life.

As for the title, I hate believing in things that i can’t touch, feel, or sense.  Which is why religion, not the institution but the theology itself, really annoys me.

If anyone subscribes to my way of thinking then consider this.

Is nothing really better than something?  If something is better, then why end that something early?

I’ll not tell you how to think or what to do with your life, that is your decision and yours alone.


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RogueShadow1281 8/31/2010 - 2:16 am

Uh whats this got to do with anything my head hurts but anyways i hate church all its done for me is pain you see im a jehovahs witness or at least my dad is and i have never celebrated a b-day or anything like that so ima be gone soon probably but are you like me where you have had an experience where religion fucks you up since the kids at my school call me jewboy cuz of my inability to celebrate and i got bullied during middle school all the way to now in 10th grade

talktome 8/31/2010 - 9:23 am

Do not use a hatchet to remove a fly from your friend’s forehead.

lullabye 9/2/2010 - 3:09 am

I subscribe only to one of your sentences “If there is nothing after this life, then what do we do with this one?”
why are we here in this world?? just for fun?? so who wants to have fun with us and with our life??
the statement that this world has a great power is not blind. there is a power. and he created us to live. but this world is not our real place for living. we will go to another world. the world where we have been created in. these things are not story or dream or stupid thoughts. he created this world for us to live. he created so many things for us to have fun and sure there are so many things that we may not like. the thought that there is nothing after this world is odd, because if there is nothing then what are we doing here??? who did this to us??
so he created us and because he loves us and wants us to be happy and strong, so he sent us the way to a happy life. we call this way ,religion. and religions have never been crushed by one another. they just completed each other. they all talked about each other.
religion does not tell people not to celebrate. because he has told us to be happy and enjoy our life, he told us to be beautiful. and to make us beautiful with the things which he has created.
he wants us to help each other because we are all the same. he wants us to love each other because he himself loves everyone and everything. he told us to respect each other and to be kind. love people , help them and be happy , it is the only religion.
I wish you read it, and if you want to say anything about it , tell me. 🙂

lullabye 9/2/2010 - 3:18 am

oh by the way you said you hate believing in things that you can’t touch, feel, or sense. 🙂
the only way to find him and believe in him goes through your heart. if you feel him then you have found him.

lydiarose 10/9/2012 - 8:38 pm

Im a lesbian Christian , and trust me there sure is hell is a God. He is punishing me , and i have no clue what the heck i did wrong.

pa47385 2/26/2021 - 10:34 am

funny how thing change. or is it?

if you were reading this now, in 2021, the way you would feel reading this would be the way i feel towards everything people ever say or do.

i call it cultural drift, and fragility of public opinion. it hits third culture kids like a ton of bricks.

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