What to DO?

  August 14th, 2010 by Nikki

I don’t understand. A couple of days ago I was out with my friend and her family having fun at a dance hall in the country side of Texas. I didn’t know how to dance and I ask guy to teach me. My friend who is very shy when it comes to guys asked me to ask the guy I had danced with to dance with her. I do and she after half a dance sat down. She likes him and I was happy for her. I continue to dance with the guy (Lets name him Guy 1) and his friends. I was having fun and just liked that I was learning to dance. the band finishes and we get them to do just one last dance. I went over to the table that the guys I had been dancing with if anyone of them wanted to dance. Guy 1 said he would and I we danced the last dance. After I was done I wanted to stay in touch b/c me and Guy 1 had some good little chats while dancing and he gave me his facebook. My friend was made at me cause I wanted to stay in touchand I got the last dance. She clams that I STOLE the last dance when she wanted it. She never asked him to dance and never made a move to dance with him. She was so made she cryed and called me every name in the good. The next day she treats me like shit and I can’t say anything because her mom and cuz was there and they no matter how messed up there family is stands behind them. When we droped her cuz off I was in the car with my friend and she hands me a phone so I can give her his info saying “it is the lest I could do for STEALING the last dance and hurting her” I told her she had more then enough info to find him. Needless to say she made me feel like crap for having fun. I don’t know what do do now. I thought we were supost to be friends but friends shouldn’t do that crap. then we get in a big fight and she throws not having a bf in my face that I am over weight. We haven’t talk in a week and I can’t stand it. Should I feel betrayed?

A lost soul.

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