I need to find a 4-sure way to die

September 30th, 2010by samanthacongeni

I have tried so amny times to kill myself w/overdose. one overdose worked but I was found to soon and btought back. Now nothing seems to work. I was thinking about just parking the car in the garage and letting myself fall asleepw/ an Ipod as I breath in the fume of carbon monoxide. I am selfish I have 3 kids who love me, but my whole life is ruined. They have great peoplewho will make up for abscence. I have lost everything that I worked for, house job and my will to live. I am told tht I will never get another job in the medical field because im sueing for something that I have fought off for over a year. sexual harrassment and yes I was fired after I made the complaint. Not fair. I was told that I am blackballed in the medical field, and I have had 5 interviews w/no call backs , so I truly believe I am blackballed. I went to school for so long, and I am just so depressed that I cant even think straight anymore. I want to die and I will die . I just want a full proof way. I dont want to live after w/even worse problems. cant anyone suggest anything to me? I have always helped people, I have a big heart and so far it has not got me anywhere. I hope I dont go to hell. I would use my car now but son has a driving test tommorow, so at least by the day after. I cant live like this anymore I cant even begin to explain all my reasons. I just want to know if useing my car is the best way, full proof, of course  in the middle of the night so no one finds me?

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