Is life on earth, Hell?

September 11th, 2010by catch

Let’s leave aside the arguments about the existence of Heaven and Hell, God and Satan for a minute. I’m not religious, but a religious person could as easily make this cultural observation. Virtually every religion with a belief in reward and punishment zones in the afterlife places Heaven far above Earth, and Hell deep within it. That says that the quintessential human idea of suffering is to stay near this world, and the quintessential idea of reward is escape from it. Is this cultures across the globe and across time way of saying that this world sucks and we should want to leave it? Is it universal or nearly universal human nature to resent this world?

It seems so obvious to me that the ultimate hell would be to give freedom of will to choose temptation, …living on Earth as a human is an addiction of sorts… hell; to experience the illusion/addiction of love or the idea of love, but never being able to experience without pain… to live under a vail of fogginess, never being able to find the answer to something that drives you constantly… to always long for something, but never quit understanding what it is… even when you think you understand or have created all the answers for yourself. to not be able to fully wake up… because there is a part of you that doesn’t really want to.

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