Please Help me I Need to Die. (My Story)

October 21st, 2010by Caleb87

I am looking for some type of pills that i can overdose on that are sure to kill me. Please can anyone give me some suggestions? it is really my time to go.

As for the my entire story i don’t think i am going to get to tell it all but for the people that want to know i will tell why i need to die..
I was 5 and a half years old when a doctor examined me and said i had phimoses which if anyone does research on this is a normal and some men have it up to 17 or older and i didn’t need to be operated on.
the doctor’s called for a routine circumcision and i was forced to go in against my will, i was put on a hospital bed and moved into surgery where they put me to sleep and i was pretty out of it when i woke up, i didn’t even realise what happened really.
A day after i am sent home and apparantley im still bleeding from the stitchs, when i go to urinate some of the stitchs come loose and it hurt a whole lot and there was a lot of blood, i had to go back in to the emergency room where they stuck a needle in my groin to dull the pain and after that and going back to my home and seeing what was done to me i think my soul died, i still remember that as the worst most horrible experience of my life.
I’m 23 now i have very little feeling in my genitals (they must have cut a nerve or something). even masturbation is more work than it is enjoyable.
There is no fixing me, can you honestly tell me to keep living like this?
I will never have enjoyable sex with a girl or know what it is like to have sex how it was meant to be, i have such little feeling that i will probablly be impotent by 30, and on top of that having that happen to me has given me severe anger and anxiety and i really don’t go around people at all because it’s not worth it because i’m going to kill myself sooner or later anyways, and it just depresses me to even see girls that are attracted to me it makes me so sad.

I refuse to live like a neutered animal, i will take the chance of death so that maybe i could be reborn as a boy or girl that is whole.
Thank you for listening.

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