Home Family & Friends Effects On the saerface, i am sane, stable, successful and have never had even the most remote chance of ending my life. As of late (last 6-9 months) it seems a viable alternative. I cannot take the pain any more. The pressure. The sense of failure. Depression prevents me moving forward in any area. Unfortunately, I am a true single parent with an 11 year old son–(No mom–just us). so if i end it–he’ll be set financially but emotionally it’l be a tough road to deal with. I am lost, lost, lost..lonely, scared, and such a fake–on the outside everyone thinks I’m together, a giving person, a guy whogets it done…….it isd never as it seems. i am scared as i d have the gun and I do have enough pills to end it. Just so lonely, lost, and confused. Any thoughts?
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