I’m going to kill myself tonight.

February 16th, 2011by ross h

    im going to die in a few hours. I dont really want to start a panic on facebook but i did want to say a few words before im gone. If anyone i know ever reads this then im sorry u got hurt. The way i feel right now is too much to take. Im passed the point were i can cope as a normal human being. I can not even look after myself anymore. I no longer have a penny to my name. I will be homeless in a day or two. Infact i was expecting to end up killing myself in allyway. My partner of four years left me around a week ago for no or little, i just dont fit in with life anymore. In that time ive lost my job and will not be able to cover any bills. In short my life is in ruins and there is just no hope anymore. I am alone in this world and im scared and hurt. I have decided to use a home made exit bag. I have everything i need including sleeping pills, helium, a large exit bag, pills to stop me vomiting and handcuffs to prevent me from removing the bag after ive passed out. Im ready. In away its a relief to know thats it over. Anyway thanks for reading and letting me share sum of my pain.

    Ps. If for some i live or i fail then i will come back and post. If i dont then that means i did and i found my release. Peace.

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