I Want to die!

April 30th, 2011by Marples

Hi, my name is Jordan, my life is a complete disaster. My family are fantastic but my personal issues are awful. i am 18 and recently split up with my girlfriend of over 2 and a half years, the day we split up i found out she was texting another lad and wanted to meet up with him. i was absolutely furious with this. all of the belongings she gave me i walked to hers which is about 4 miles away and i left them on her door. she later phoned me and confirmed she was texting this other person. she always lies to me …

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Why isn’t suicide an option?

April 30th, 2011by jimi

Why can’t suicide be an option? When ever you bring it up people always act like no matter the circumstance it’s not ok. What if someone is so chronicly depressed that treatment doesn’t help? I say only you in the end know what is best for you. What’s wrong with a termanly ill person saving themselves form a slow death? What’s so wrong with an elderly widow ending thier life when they lost thier love of fifty years? There is a million different senarios but answer to suicide can’t always be no. But at the sametime the answer to suicide can not always be yes.

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When you’ve been through almost everything, my story

April 30th, 2011by fallenpastthe_cliff

I’m 16 years old, and a suicide survivor (I guess that’s what it’s called). I guess I’ll explain my life in this rant. I’m not sure what the point of this is, I guess just to show that if you’re going through something, you’re not alone. Also things get better.

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Guess I really am doing this

April 30th, 2011by loreildarksky

I’m killing myself in a few minutes. This life is too much to handle. I can’t keep going like this, alone. And I am alone. Sure, I have friends and family, but I’m isolated. So much that I can barely remember what it’s like to have those, to have the support of my friends, to have that actual friendship. The feeling someone cares. I can’t… I don’t want to keep living. My life… is nothing. Nothing more than heartbreak after heartbreak. I’m surprised the pieces can still feel enough to keep getting hurt.

I am hurting, more than I ever thought I could. I can’t take …

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April 30th, 2011by bamuel

i guess i’ve wondered what people who succeeded on here posted last. did they just stop posting? or say goodbye. I’d rather the latter, I only want to say if i succeed tonight, or over the weekend, that i apreciate everything people have said on here. and i wish everyone on here the best, in whatever you choose, and i hope you do think and make the right decisions.

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April 30th, 2011by 3_bringitback

This is going to be quite a large vent, maybe it’ll help sort things out.

Issue 1.

Pissed off. One of our friends, Lets call her Zoan, has litterally fucked us all over. She’s talked about all of us behind our backs, she’s been a hypocrite, and she’s tried to break a couple up within out circle of friends. Everyone despises her. Thing is, she’s having family issues, and she supposedly cut herself. What the fuck am I supposed to do, if it’s fake, and I go back to her, she’ll do everything all over again. But if it’s not fake. I’ll have another friend who self …

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I’ll give it a couple

April 30th, 2011by imdonenow

I’m not a hateful person.  I was abused when I was a kid, went through an abusive relationship with an ex boyfriend but I don’t hate any of those people.  I don’t hate anyone.  I actually like people.  I think most people are beautiful, actually, just like I think that the world can be a beautiful place.  People think I’m kind and intelligent and I don’t doubt that I am.  I’m nice to everyone.  I’ve gotten good grades in school.  I’m just not happy.  …

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Vent vent vent.

April 30th, 2011by 3_bringitback

Feel like shit.

Fucked up again. Now a friend hates me. My friend keeps showing me her latest cuts like it’s something to brag about. I’ve been feeling the ”urges” again. Going out didn’t help.

Little problems that just smash me down.

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Hey Amber

April 30th, 2011by TP_F__LUX

Hope you are fine,
Just wanted to tell you, that I have not forgotten you or Sage
Hope you guys are good, the thought you 3(include little creature that I love)
were typeing away with your little fingers, when I was down, just give me
this energy to live, wish I could take you guys all away to a happier place
with me, but if you hold on long enough who know I might.
I love you guys hope you are all okay
If you see the moon send a kiss to it, she will kiss me on your behalf.


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So lonely and tired

April 30th, 2011by thegirlwholoves2much

Today, I want to die. I have tried to walk/jog, and distract myself. Its not working. My now ex boyfriend was cheating on me for the entire relationship of almost a year.  I found out when the woman contacted me to tell me what was going on.  Of course he denies it but more and more lies are coming out. I can’t take the hurt anymore. I was cursed from the day I was born. My father wants nothing to do with me. He has another family and doesn’t acknowledge I exist. I was abused by my stepfather sexually until he got me pregnant at …

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Sometimes it’s hard to exist

April 30th, 2011by dancerina14

What happens when you love life so much? When you love the little things about life, about the people you love, about the beautiful things that happen everyday… but you don’t want to live it anymore? How does that happen? How is that fair? How can a person forget all of the good things in this world, and only see how terrible it can be? How can someone that was nice and peaceful turn into someone so hateful? And how can the person she hates the most be herself? How can she look in the mirror and resent …

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I cut myself.

April 30th, 2011by Alicia

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April 30th, 2011by Inmymind

It’s something we all know about but mine has been a little to much to handle recently.
When I was younger, I learned this really cool trick to turn off my emotions. Sounds weird but it works, or it used to. I went on for years, a shell of my own existence. No one suspected a thing. I’d mimic the feelings of others when appropriate, as not to let my own feelings show. I was afraid if I let myself feel, I’d be stuck in the memories without escape. And now it’s come true.
I’m in college with remarkable grades; I should be content with …

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Not Suicide Related

April 30th, 2011by FriendOfAFriend

I hate my mom. I have this rage when it comes to my mom. She walks into the same room as me and want to leave. The thought of her disgusts me. I have no reason to hate her but she bothers me. I can’t stand her I don’t know why please help.

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April 30th, 2011by peaceful phill

Howdy my name is phill. Im allway’s thinking about it. Ending it

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if i kick you will it hurt?

April 30th, 2011by hattie

where am i?

how did i get here?

i think i came by choice..

so why cant i leave by choice?

why do you keep me here;

keep me in my prison.

why do i miss them so much?

why did i ever leave them?

and what about the ones that left me?

the people i left; the people that left me

they equal up to everyone

everyone that matters… mattered

it makes no sense

my life is dazy haze of clutter

step into the clutter; you will find

a thousand needles prick you like knives.

mostly it hurts.

i lied.

it always hurts.

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A Girl Unknown

April 30th, 2011by dancerina14

Who is that?

That person staring from the shiny surface

Of every item she’s ever seen

The pretty girl, with short brown hair

Her eyes are huge, so curious

You’d never know she was a mess

Fingers sliding down a mirror

Searching for a bit of pink

But her face is perfect

Leaning across a hollow sink

Not one trace of bitter tears

On her face so ivory pale

You’d think her flawless

The girl everyone wants to be

Gliding gracefully through gleaming halls

She’s radiant, due to confidence

But she’s not happy

She’s not free

Her exterior is false

Her broken pieces almost falling apart

She wants to rip through her skin

Tearing, tearing with nails like claws

Her fragile insides fading to dust

Then maybe she …

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Just Let It Be Over..

April 30th, 2011by Silent Screamer

I want it over.

I don’t give a fuck how it happens.

Just, please.

Please, take me.

By my hand,

Or someone else’s.

Just let the suffering.




Drain from me.

Let me fall into that everlasting sleep.

Just please.

Fucking take me.

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Why try?

April 30th, 2011by jimi

The more you care, and the more you try to be a nice person. The less the world cares about you. A honest person in our world gets nothing but pain and misery. While the liars and selfish get nothing but pleasure. Why is the world we live in like this? Why even try to be a good person when you know that nobody will appricate it in the end. Why the harder you try to make the world a better place for others, does it become worse?

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I Can’t Handle Tonight..

April 30th, 2011by Silent Screamer

I’m spending the night at my dads tonight..

I went to a movie before I came here.

I didn’t know I was gonna come staight here.

I don’t have my blades.

I can not, will not, handle this.

I’m going insane not thinking about cutting.

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