May 31st, 2011by hailey_baby

beaten and brused you left her to lay
always she got back up with a smile
a smile she used for so many things
to hide everything and protect you
to show everyone everything was “great”
to make them think she was happy
she hid all those scars, brusies and tears
but now
those tears are slowly starin to fall
that smile is fading
all those things you told her are replaying in her head
so many problems you caused her
trust, love, happiness all things you ripped from her
once a happy happy girl now a sad misrable thing
you ripped her to pieces and left her
but now shes gone and youll regret it
she off working on getting better
determined to be happy and get the old girl she use to be back
shes got a new guy that treats her right that shows he love
she still keeps your secerts so you want get hurt
but youll pay for each and every tear she should have shead

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