June 20th, 2011by dream_always

I’m considering drowning or jumping off a building. To be honest, I live in S’pore and it’s so hard to off myself. Here, we have very strict laws on sleeping pills so I can’t get my hands on them. I have try hanging and suicide bag but my survival instincts kick in. Didn’t want to try slash my wrists cuz that will only leave scars and I’m scared of all that blood. Well, I’m a coward so I want to put myself in a situation where I can struggle and it won’t do a thing.

Well, jumping off or walking into water both will off me for sure but I kinda prefer the idea of drowning. At least I can struggle though it wont do shit!! I dont wanna lie on the pavement and have ppl looking at me while i die…

Like to ask for any advices and experiences about drowning. Esp from none swimmers cuz I’m one. I’m thinking of just walking into the water, no medicine or beer before hand. Just close my eyes and walk. Need to find good locations where I wont be found and rescued. The thing is everywhere there seems to be lifeguards. Another suggestions on where?

I know there’s the woodlands reservoir. Someone drowned there, I saw in the news. Never been there myself. Think i need to check it out tml. Today I need to finish up what I need to finish. Spend some time with family. Most likely by this week. Dont wanna drag off too long. been long enough for me.

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