God playing “favorites?”

  August 23rd, 2011 by LiveNoLonger

To me it seems as though God has chosen certain people to live out their lives in happiness. These people have an abundance of friends, these people are almost always happy, smiling, laughing. There are more of these people in the world than people like us, the depressed ones. The happy people are everywhere. I am not one of these people, i think i could say that none of us on this site are those people but, I dont know anybody here personally, so im not sure. People keep telling me that God has a plan for everyone, and everything happens for a reason. Well, then why does all of this bad stuff happen to all of us here? Why does God do this to us? Is this part of his plan? What if this happens to us for a reason. The reason being that we kill ourselves. To me, it seems God has his favorite creations. The happy people, who go out and enjoy life. Then theres me. Outcast. Forsaken. Forgotten. Isolated. Alone. I dont go out and enjoy life, I just want mine to end. People tell me that i should pray to God when i need help. Well, I’ve given that up. I’ve been praying for years. It feels like the more that i pray, the more shit that happens to me. But it works for everyone else. I am hated. I am useless. I am worthless. I am unloved. I am hopeless. Why God? Why cant you just end my life already? Or would you like to watch me suffer for even longer????? Im pretty sure im gonna get somebody preaching to me about how wrong i am here, but I dont really care. Everybodys gotta die someday. Why not me earlier?


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