Human Givings

  September 20th, 2011 by MrBlonde

“I shouldn’t be here” is how I would think.

The spirial of thinking in a negative way quickly becomes your justification for exactly the thoughts causing it.

After having everything set out, I knew that the last thing I should do would be to say goodbye.  I did so on the condition that I met with a professional.

The Human Givings approach is completely different to anything I had heard of previously.

When a cut bleeds, we don’t commit suicide to solve the problem, we put a plaster on and take the neccessary steps to help the wound heal until we take the plaster off and find no trace of the original cut.  Our brain is a pattern machine that works the same way and yet when it isn’t well, suicide becomes a “justify-able” way out when it doesn’t actually make any sense once we break it all down.

After only 3 weeks, I was cleared of depression and suicidal thoughts.  I’m not trying to be an advert but since then I have partied like I have never partied before.

The worse thing I found about depression was dreading waking up and never being able to sleep.  A horrible catch 22.

I’ll leave the link here:

Feel free to leave comments, I’m more than open to discussion.


I would also like to thank all those that emailed me whilst I was ill.  You gave me more to live for than I could ever have thought of.

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