i hate myself and want to die..

  September 24th, 2011 by Fade

Over the years i’ve been battling against depression, only to realise it’s been my company through bad times and good times..

it’s indeed hard to wear a smile when yours eyes mirrors how hurt your inner soul is..  putting a mask on when your face reflects all the pain that you are going through..

at the age of 6 i planned to end up my life thinking it is the door to happiness of love i’ve been craving for.. such an innocent angel what do i know about suicide then?

i was beaten, tormented.. no one seemed to care, to the point of me not even believing to love my own self..

years have passed, depression have sucked my life into a black hole.. i resorted into pills, alcolohols, and drugs as an outlet, and in the end i found myself getting more hurt because i was getting used to it..

no, it is not the life that i wanted to live to.. either i keep battling over it, or i die..


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