Im so angry.

  September 23rd, 2011 by jennifermh65

I feel so angry im depressed.  I dont like feeling like this but just knowing what is being said and sent around just makes me so much more mad. I feel homicidal at times and I shouldnt.  Guys just have a way of messing with your head.  The guy that I thought was my boyfriend because we liked each other isnt a boyfriend at all.  He is playing games with my head.  One of his friends is spreading roomurs around where I go to school.  I knew him before I knew my somewhat boyfriend.  I am 4’11” and wiegh around 125lb. He is 220lb about 5’6″ and he is claiming that I over powered him and rapped him.  All because I didnt want to have sex with him.  He has been telling everyone that he hangs out with including the new people that I rapped him.  My boyfriend is one of his friends.  was friends before we started dating.  Some how I think that they are aspiring about me and thinking of stuff to do to me.  I dont know what to do.  He lied to me about where he was last sunday and i dumped him and he some how convencied me to take him back.  I told him only if he stopped hanging out with that guy.  He said he wouldnt.  Of course I dont trust him and have asked a bunch of people to tell me if they see them together and for sure.  Thursday night well I was cleaning my room he was hanging out with that bastered.  It makes me so mad.

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