I’m Tired

  September 24th, 2011 by vedura

I’m tired of following
all the rules,

Listening to others,
hearing their ignorance,

And pretending they
aren’t stupid.


I’m tired of worrying
about money,

That it will run out,

Staying home and
playing games.


I’m tired of caring
what my family thinks of me,

Of trying to be
understanding of them,

When they have no
understanding of me.


I’m tired of applying
for jobs,

When my resume shouts
I’m of an age

Employers do not want
to hire.


I’m tired of letting my
creative talents rot

In the face of a world

That has no use for


I wish I were tired
enough to sleep

But soon I will be.

Then I can fight my
battles in dreams;

Not win, not lose, but

Roll over and sleep
some more.




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