Life and All of it’s Glory

  September 26th, 2011 by ReadyToFly

When you’re numb,
All you’d want is to feel.
It doesn’t matter if it hurts,
If it makes you feel, well then so be it.

Life’s filled with a whole bunch of nothings.
At least that’s how you see it,
For you just can’t feel,
Anything but numbness, that is.

Kids on the block calling you silly, all because you can’t keep that smile off your face,
That fake smile, you’re so damn good at,
Even your friends can’t see through it.

One minute you’re smiling your famous smile,
The next you’re crying into your pillow.
Mom thinks you’re all messed up,
It’s not you fault you can’t keep the facade at home just as well.

Who would’ve known pretending could take up so much of your energy, ey?

They throw remarks at ya’.
Cause they know you can take it, yeah?
Made of steel, aren’t ya’?
Being the rock, ain’t so grand is it?
People tend to forget to ask if you’re alright.

Maybe it’s your fault. You shouldn’t have pretended as though everything was fine and dandy.
You could’ve said something. You still could.
But the thing is, you just don’t want to. Do you?
You’ve crashed so low, till you believe that you don’t deserve the care and love they’re ready to give.


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