September 16th, 2011 by lvs225

This is a letter that I was gonna leave to my wife.I did go through the motions for this suicide but I over did it and I failed.I am going to use this same letter and just cross out the date and write”failed”,then put in the new date so it will be done later this week.I should have added the use of a rope or bag and tie…………. My dear wife Nancy, I wish I could spare you the ordeal you have ahead.I would like to be foregiven for the times I have hurt you.I have put together some things that will help you,I hope.Please respect my wishes,no matter how much this will cause more pain.I wish to be creamated as soon as possible with no viewing and no ceremony.Let my family know this so they will not try to come here.If I am found with any signs of hope,please do not revive.This is very important because this was my choice and I will be very damaged and will pass anyway.I do not fear death itself,only the life and uncertain future I have now.Please say the things I have not,I will miss everyone. All my love———

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