ranting and raving.. by TPHG =r

September 30th, 2011by tphg

I’ve been sick all day, the usual digestive issues(I get bad IBS symptoms). Even focusing on getting better depresses me because I know that deep down, I don’t want to get better. That kind of thinking just makes me feel worse and worse until I spiral out of control and do something foolish like pray to god for mercy or something.

The last few times I’ve come here to vent or just read comments, I’ve felt my sadness slwly start to lift. I don’t think I’m hopeless; I can be happy. I just feel so opposite to everyone around me. No one seems to care about anything I care, and if they do, they go about it in such a way that turns me off.

How many times can people go to the pub and talk about the mundane things going on in their lives? I don’t care what Tammy said to her boyfriend to make him walk out. Small potatoes, it’s all small potatoes. Every second spent discussing the fictional lives of television characters is another moment for the governments of the world to increase their stranglehold on people. Hitler said, “what luck for rulers, that men do not think”

I had a friend at work that I would discuss these issues with; she was almost everything I wanted in a friend. The problem is that all she wanted to do was rant about the issues; she didn’t have any clue as to how to go about solving them. I don’t wanna just sit around coffee shops talking about revolutions and changing minds, opening eyes to the shackles that bind. ..I wanna do more.

I want to be part of true change but I find myself in a minority group (not just because I’m black). Change for most is protesting against the CRTC so that they force cable companies to regulate the volume between programs and commercials. Change for the general public is a new blackberry or iphone every 6 months. It’s the inbred masses that dictate the evolution of our “culture” and society as a whole and it’s an effing shame that they’re zombified by TV screens, distracted by shiny things, and preoccupied with pipe dreams(transcanada keystone XL pipeline).

The world needs righting: whys there hunger? whys there homelessness? why are we bleeding the earth? why are we fighting over land? why do we allow atrocities around the globe to continue?

The people sleep, the politicians creep

the people don’t mind the creepy politicians much because hey, at least we’re not 3rd world!

The Americans have a Hydra masquerading as their goverment.

The Canadians have a “Harper Government” hell bent on living up to the America jr. label

Mexicans have no government; drug cartels run the show.

Europe is broke.

Africa is Africa.

Mother nature hates Asians and the feeling is mutual(weather changing devices).

Nobody wants to do anything real about the issues. Just write a check to a charity and hope it does good. Vote and hope your guy wins/doesn’t eff over his constituents.

It’s easy not to care too much about external issues when you don’t hate yourself. I hate my humanity and how limiting it is but I don’t blame others for embracing it. It works, being a capitalist pig, as long as you don’t pay too much attention.

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