September 2nd, 2011 by Kitty

about to go fucking cut my wrist because of some random fucking person i don’t even know. saying i want to kill myself over it would just be way too over fucking dramatic. i’m not on here to fucking lie and pretend i’m suicidal. cause that’s bullshit. and it would be pretty fucking heartless. like a post i read the other day, about someone calling a suicide hotline. and the person she talked to just wrote her off like it was nothing. because she said she was okay. what kind of person that isn’t actually suicidal would call a fucking hotline like that? a fucked up one. no matter what anyone says whether i know them or not, at the end of the day when i’m laying in my bed in the fucking silence, in the fucking dark, the only thought that runs through my head is why i’m still on this fucking planet. every fucking morning that i wake up, i fucking cry becasue i’m still fucking here. and i want to do it so fucking badly i just don’t have the fucking balls. (granted, i am a female). NOBODY has the right to fucking judge me. especially not on a fucking site like this. especially someone who doesn’t know me, nor has ever seen my fucking face. do you feel so shit about your life that you have to go make someone else cut their fucking wrists for you to feel better? ASSHOLE.

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