September 23rd, 2011 by alone85

i’m having one of those days again…dont wanna go through the pain of offing myself..jus wanna sleep and not exist anymore.

nothing in my life brings me joy except that i am alive

school is pointless , my gpa is so low its too late to bring it up so i can forget about going to law school

i know my boyfriend is cheating but i dont wanna be alone so i try to ignore it and not cause any arguments…pathetic and self loathing

lucky to have a my job but my job security is shaky as the business could go belly up ….and then what for me

want to move but dont have the money saved up and dont want to move to another basement apartment but thats what i can afford

i am a beautiful young lady –not exaggerating here –and i just feel so worthless –dont know why i dont feel good enough

so  a pretty face definately does not equal happiness–those other pretty girls have their sht together and i just dont

i’m so alone

dont wanna do any work today or go to school or the gym or go out or anything

just wanna cry and drink and go to sleep








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