Well, so many new faces here. Not a good sign O_O

  September 23rd, 2011 by RogueShadow1281

weLl knuckle-pierce, darkblue whom may have suicides yesterday. Why not try out the hair dryer in a bathtub anymore is electoctution too easy for you? I had a panic attack a few days back. Made me reflect on life and was completely out of it. I failed every test except math, not a good sign. So anyone from Facebook or did you guys all google suicide like I did? Haha that’s the plain truth. I wanted to commit suicide 3 years back and still haven’t. I have so many questions and some things I can’t do my brain is jumbled up. I don’t have great optimistic things to say to inspire the human emotion and mind for you not to suicide but whatever.

Let’s try an exercise.

Tell me your real first name, then 4 bad things about you and 3 mental disorders you either are diagnosed or think you may have. Let me start:
Name is Nathan. I am a pessimistic, ugly, shy dumbass, but I am also sweet, loving (to females), and shy. I have bipolar depression, paranoia, and social anxiety. Also comment on the rest, I like comments.

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