Where is this road taking me?

  September 26th, 2011 by Roaming_Soul

Im sitting here with all these thoughts going through my head….all these thoughts are depressing, heartbreaking, they make me angry and make me hate life even more.

Lately the only way I’ve been able to escape these thoughts is to go out drinking. Im only 15, but for those hours when Im drunk I forget about EVERYTHING!!! I’ve lost friends because of this but I am making new ones, they are what you would call the DODGY crowd.

It’s hard to stop because when Im sober up all those feelings hit me all at once and I feel so ashamed when I walk past poeple at school that saw me in a drunken state.

I would stop, but it’s hard! I need an escape. Drugs are being offered to me all the time and I can see myself saying yes oneday. My life is already screwed up, wtf am I heading now?

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