September 11th, 2011 by EmmaD

Emotionally im dead right now. My mom just came into my room and asked me whats wrong because i dont “seem like myself” and i told her i was just tired.

The truth is im not tired im dead. I cant face my mothers reaction to me telling her all i can think about these days is dying. All i want to to is be happy but that seems so hard for me right to even think about right now. Im kinda in a limbo with my life right now. I dont want to live, i dont weant to die because i cant do that to my parents, but i just want it to be over. I dont want my parents to see that im sad so instead of cutting myself again ive now resorted to hitting myself.

I just feel so drained right now, i have no energy to do anything, and to be honest i dont really care. I stopped caring a while ago, and im afraid im never going to care again.

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