October 19th, 2011 by runningfromlions

I sound so ignorant, complaining about how I need to die, how I can’t carry on living a life that will just be full of misery, don’t say you know it won’t. Cause It will, I can’t keep a friend, I’m bullied all the time. That’s right I’m just 13, and don’t say that I’m having a teenage drama, I’ve had it since primary, in primary I would just sit on the bench, being a loner. Life’s too hard for me, I have no reason to live anymore, so why can’t I end it? Because I’m afraid, what if my family forgets me, what if when I die no one cares. Why would they care? If I died, I would leave a letter to everyone in my family, send an email to all my friends, telling them I’m sorry. I would kill myself by going into the medicine cupboard and taking every drug in there, then go to sleep, hoping not to ever wake up. Would it work? I have it all planned, but I’m being held back, there must be a small part of me that wants to live, right? So many questions that you’ll never be able to answer, how tragic.

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