Can I get any lower

  October 8th, 2011 by Skop2011

Can I get any lower then I am? I lost a place to live 4 times this year. every time I live some where I get kicked out all the time and I don’t know why. In the past couple of month I lost 4 places to live. Lost my car and job cause my one roommate got me fired and called the repo people on the car. whats wrong with me. why do every one hate me. My step-dad told me I could come home but now hes talking bought kicking me out and winter is coming, me and my two dogs are going to die. I haven’t ate in three days cause I have no food. I had nothing to drink in two days. Mom says I stole from her and now my step-father (who is from prison) is thinking on kicking me out. what am I going to do? plz tell me what am I suppose to do? Im bought ready to just give up and crawl under a rock and die. siting looking at a bunch of pills thinking on just giving up. nobody cares bought my stupid feelings. as I watch my mom and step-dad throwing my stuff on the ground and looking all through it and taking things that are mine saying that its theirs and I stole it. they took every thing that I had that belonged to my grandmother. Why I’m I so worthless to them and every one I come across, why do they hate me?

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