Forget ya personality, use ya body!

  October 21st, 2011 by Black_Scorpio

Sometimes, when i feel like a shit, i play one game. Donno how to explain, It helps to go through the stress or depression episode.

So i look to myself like to another person, like looking from up, like looking to another person. Seeing just body, no brain. Anything i do i pretend to look from up, like to some strange person. Analysing how does it look like. After some time i see that i look kinda kool. When i like my decisions – i am proud, when i dont like – i pretend its another person. :]

Really hard to explain. It’s like not being in that body for some time and coming back when feeling better :]

many of my friends suicided. Like 9.. My country is the first in the world in this type of death, so i know what is it. And they dont surprise me anymore.

Just surprise how they are not respecting them families doing it at home. Come on! laying with pie and shits, blue face and so on. Family didnt deserve to see that!

Yes, You are here so fight. If You can’t fight – just turn off ya fucking brains and go use ya body for the world: turn off the person and go to work. Somebody needs to work. Coz usualy suiciders are young and physical very healthy. Go study in fire department and run into fire to help for people – at least there would be some useful thing from this body. Anyway, You don’t care so You can do some extreme useful things before killin ya body.

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