Grey morning blues.

  October 18th, 2011 by The Absurdist

I really wonder why I just don’t have the drive to take everything, get the hell out of this shitty apartment and just go giving away everything to anyone I see needing it, no matter how little I have left. In a day or two I’d have nothing but the clothes on me. There never is any shortage of people worse off than one no matter what one’s state happens to be. In less than a month it would eventually kill me.

Short of preventing/provoking a nuclear attack this is the best of all possible deaths.

Could be grounds for a new mental disorder.

St Francis Syndrome defined as the hysterical need to prove you have a conscience.

I miss having meaningful/fun conversations. It’s so rare I can actually list them these days. Last wast last month, the one before that was sometime in May.

We don’t piss in your ashtrays,
So please don’t throw cigarettes in our urinals.

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