October 31st, 2011 by BrokenSky

Every night I only wish to die. I’ve witnessed much of lifes disgusting corruption and how fate plays its game in twisted manners. I want to die because I dont know who I am anymore. I want to die because thats the only place I see comfort in. I only ask for death, nothing more. Everything has lost its taste, i cant listen to music without getting sick of it in the first 3 seconds, i cant eat well if my appetite is banished. I cant speak my mind if there isnt a point to it..my words flow with the wind, catching someones ear, but leaving it quicker than it came..
I want to die, because I have no one to smile for. I want to die because i cant seem to cry anymore. I want to die because my life has lost meaning, Death seems so innocent and sweet when you compare her to life itself. It will put me to eternal rest, where i Dont need to deal with anything anymore..thats all I can ever ask for.

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