I don’t know what to do

  October 21st, 2011 by ADTR18

This is my first time on this website so I assume I’m allowed to rant about what’s going on right now..
I had a drug problem for a while which took my whole life away, or so it seems. I’m not as close with my parents as I used to be. I say the rudest things to them and now my mom won’t speak to me. It hurts but I guess that’s what I get. From doing drugs so much I feel like I’ve become a completely different person on the outside, but inside I’m still the same.. I just choose not to show it to anybody in fear of getting hurt.. I quit school when I was only in grade eight due to rape.. I was stupid not to go back and I’m struggling so hard to get my GED. I don’t have a job because I can’t seem to keep one.. I have no idea where I’m going in life and I feel so lost like I won’t make it on my own someday..

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