i need help. xx

  October 11th, 2011 by imsorrykieran

only the brave die free

so keep your eyes on me ony the brave die free were not invicable we are in agony

im not sure if any bodys evan reading this to be honest i dont care, im letting my feelings out.. i neww to the hole tell the inter web world your story but nower days its kinda the only way. my laptop kinda is my only frine lol :L

im 15 nearly, i live in england. im avrage everywere and in everythig. mostly. i live with my mum and two sisters. i dont know my dad. my middel sister does and the youngest dont know hers either. we have a step dad . mums boyfriend in the piture for ten years nearly.

i go to school come home some home work some mucking about texting laptop that sorta think. i have a boyfrien 18 months next tuesday hes great hes always been gracious about me. and how i feel and what ive done doing gunna do sorta thing. i am in love. its crazy i know but it feels right

it seams like the perfect lif when i put it like that.

mums lost 600 quid to a car insurance fraud scam thing from ecarinsurance (dont use them) my mid sis is on anti depressesns, my youngest sis is being well was being bulllied and now her slef is being a bully, then theres me not so ‘recoverd’ from self harm as my mum thinks i am still ill with my kidneys i can tell the diffrence in the pains. it ot normal, im always getting into trouble for something no matter what it is, and then theres the thorts

how do i tell someone how i feel ?

i want tto kill myslef becasue i have no reason to live

then he showed up ..

i still what to kill myself i just dont want to die.

i tryed telling him and he said

‘if your going down , im coming down with you’


how do i stop from thinking all theses thorts and how can i stopp cutting….. i dont want to kill myself i want to get better for her, for him, for me

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