If you need someone ….

  October 6th, 2011 by itsjennjo

I have never had feelings of suicide … I have had many friends commit suicide and it breaks my heart to think with a friendship and understanding and some hope, you can change. I give great advice and can see an upside to some things in your life you may dwell on. I can help you find what makes you happy, and help you with the moves you can make to get out of your current situation and find the good in life. Life is tough for everyone, can we find what would make you happy?


Please email me … Im 24, currently living in Las Vegas, pregnant, and my entertainment is my two pitbulls. Im from California, have had my time of being addicted to oxy contin, spent two years growing myself and realizing what has shaped me, why things happen, and I care about people and their feelings. Just vent to me … I may be able to help 🙂



xoxo – You can have anything you want in this life. DO NOT FIND ACCEPTANCE through other people being in pain. Its not right. If one person if contemplating suicide, of course they are going to make you think its the only answer … because its their only answer. ITS NOT. My friend just commited suicide on Sept 26th , the mose beautiful, witty, loved girl. She was alone. We ALL feel alone at some point. Suicide is not the answer and encouraging suicide IS WRONG.  I can help. Please.

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