Im still here waiting to hear from you!

  October 6th, 2011 by itsjennjo

Hey guys. Im here as a support system. Suicide is NOT THE ANSWER. Encouraging someone to end their life is WRONG.


I am here for encouragment to find what makes you happy, to give you ideas, to help you through anxiety …

Ive had many friends commit suicide, you WILL have to deal with your problems on the other side. It MAY take longer than your human life to accept your demons and move on to a peaceful afterlife. You will here your friends and families thoughts and some can feel very sorry for putting people through suicide.


We all feel helpless, stressed, like sleeping forever is the easy way out … ITS THE ENERGY OF THE WHOLE WORLD RIGHT NOW, its the pressure of needing to feel perfect, have MONEY and material possesions … Everyone, even the people that seem perfect have moments like you do, everyone.

I jsut want to talk and be there for you. Makes me sick when I see people needing some encouraging and someone responding with something that encourages suicide. Misery loves company and its not right. People are encouraging you to end your life because they may be more miserale. There is hope. You can have anything you want …. I promise.

“If you always do what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

MAKE A CHANGE! TALK TO ME! I am here to encourage you to find what will make you happy. Love, money, helping others, ect.


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