October 7th, 2011 by longtimegone

I’m sorry that I’m incapable of being something worthwhile.

I apologize for being a flat character in the story that is your life. I have never had to be a fully functioning human being at any point in my life because I was always the tutor, the listener, or the sidekick. I’m not motivated enough to engage in educated debates, nor am I even capable of thinking for myself. I am wandering from place to place with no reason, no purpose, unthinking, unfeeling. I am forgettable, that piece of your life that you will lose all too soon, that part of you that was never worth keeping.

I wish I were capable of proving to you that I’m not a waste of your time, even though I can’t even find it in me to prove it to myself.

Maybe it would be best to distance myself from you. That way, you can go on to find more meaningful friendships, and I can just let myself catch the bus without fear of hurting you.

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