It hurts to much

  October 23rd, 2011 by Emilse

Im tired of this it hurts to much i cnt stop crying all i do is cry and it feels like icnt breathe like im slowly drowning. Icut myself to calm dwn but it dsnt last long idk wat else to try and wat makes things worse is all my so called friends hav basically abandoned me ihave no one ican talk to im all alone and it hurts to think i always will be. its gotten to the point were ive cryed so much ive made myself sick. Ive thought about ending it once and for all but iwant ther to be no chance of survival and the methods that ive heard of that are pretty much guarnteed to wrk require things that are extremely difficult if not impossible for me to get. Idk wat to do ifeel so helpless and useless not only am i a failure in life but im a failure at figuring out how to end it to. A failure thats all i am.

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