just wanna get laid

October 31st, 2011by tphg

I don’t have anything to offer the world so in my mind, I can’t have a woman. I’m consciously throwing my life away because of my philosophical principles. It’s like.. I’ve already started down this road of self destruction. I can’t take it all back and try again.

I mean, I could but I don’t want to. So much effort for nothing really; a permanent place in the friend zone is all anything ever amounts to. I don’t blame them for rejecting me; after all, I’m practically mute. The last time I asked out a girl, I did it via a hastily written letter that I read to her.

Disney has ruined me for women of this age; I’m a psychotic doofus still playing at being prince charming.

I just want some contact with a woman, contact that I’ve earned. No hookers, or strippers that play it fast and loose. I went to a strip club once and I remained flaccid until the private lap dance. But my enjoyment was cut short as there was a nose hair charring odor coming off of her gyrating body.

I just want a woman to hug me and lay down with me till I fall asleep. I’m so effing tired of feeling unworthy, even though I am. I’m not willing to work toward overcoming my phobias, I won’t go on medication to treat my depression, so really, what am I complaining about?

it’s all self inflicted misery

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