Life as we know it

  October 6th, 2011 by Skop2011

people think that your crazy at the way you feel, then others don’t, does that mean that the ones that think your normal is the ones that think like you? that’s a question that I always ask my self. When you are standing in a crowd and you think every ones laughing at you when really its just in your head that maybe you are the one that’s laughing at your own self. when people say that it’s ok to feel that way it’s not your fault your like that. but deep down you wonder how could it not be. why was I born that way is it my fault? did I do some thing wrong or did I deserve It in some way? How could any one just through some one out of there home and have them live in a car for days in 98 degree weather while they watched out the window and laughing at you and saying it was her fault shes there. how can people do that? I want to kill my self so bad I can taste it. why should any one care. why do people care at all. Its your life you can do what you want with it. I sit here and think that every thing is going to go away but it don’t. I keep thinking that nobody in this world loves me in any way or form. I’m so tired of every thing I just want to sleep. every thing I did in life will not be remembered or will I. It’s my fault that I was born so ill end it. It’s my fault that I am the way I am i cant stop it. I cant feel different or I would. People stare at you like your a freak of some kind when all you want to do is live the best way you know how. will I survive? guess we will never know.

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