October 19th, 2011 by sunbird

I cant get into my entire story now…besides,lets be honest,how many people really care that much about other’s problems? (except the fake do-gooders who want to save your soul…LOL…no disrespect,but lets call a spade a spade).

For tonight,I wanted to pose a question…how many people are in the limbo land of knowing that death is the only option,having a plan/idea, but mustering up courage to set a time and do it?

For those who are just about to make their moves,what was the final push that let you know that your dwindling time was just about gone?

And for those still in that murky area like me (for I’m certain that I will do it,just need to get to that final stage),do you wake up every day in tears that you are still alive?

Again,with all due respect,please dont reply with any get help responses. Been there,done that. I am really at the point where I only want to talk to likeminded people who understand what this level of pain is like. No pacts,just moral support:)

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