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    The third body into the next turn Jiaping Han on, and when they come in a mourning coach. Car stops, the top down with the stomach of a typical middle-aged, straight hall charges, while people do not pay attention,

Upon their looks little different with pig fat, curator of a manila envelope, curator of mouth sometime, but still grinning draw the envelope drawer, and then told the middle-aged and quickly lift dead, let the fire fireman to jump the queue immediately

Technology. Looked at the tall chimney smoke spit, shake their heads when Jia Huai, think, nowadays so disgusting, people have burned through the back door gifts, live fucking met a ghost!

    Waited forty minutes, and finally turn Jiaping Han. This provision will only be allowed to escort the remains of filial cart arrived hearth. Jia Huai Jiaping Han’s body when pushing forward slowly, the crowd sight disappears, Jia Huai when rapid

Prepared from his pocket a few tickets, nfl jerseys cheap   nfl jerseys authentic quietly into the fireman pocket, and call softly: “Thank you, a mere trifle, Buchengjingyi.” Thought, this trick really efficacious, flew to the fireman

Jia Huai When the warm up. Jiaping Han’s body to be put in front of the metal framework on the crematoria, he let Jia Huai when the wait, hurry to leave, while brought a bottle of water, gave Jia Huai when: “and then look at their loved ones

What valuables him to win? “When Jia Huai, said:” There is no anything of value. “Asked:” Are you spoil the child? “See Jia Huai When nodded, continued,” is a bottle of your hands, through the

Temple of monks and nuns dedicated to the holy water, sprinkle evenly from head to toe you to your father’s body, let him clean the road, protect your life safe. After that you can kneel down and watched the ancestors, and I send him to heaven. ”

    Jia Huai very grateful for the fireman when he was very devout to the bottle of “holy water” poured carefully into Jiaping Han’s body from head to toe, and then “splash” kneel down, knock three ring head, fireman

Workers will Jiaping Han’s body “click” sound into the furnace. Seen it all,   nfl jerseys wholesale Jia pregnant when you want many, many, may be sad over reason, how are tears streaming down, not even he himself felt

Incredibles, is the indifference of their childhood because his father is alive because it should not do too much to do, or because …

    Furnace H Woo, a burnt smell. Jia Huai when saw it, his mind blank.

    Ah people who fight for what is his name, what Lee wins, playing what country, to seek what the world is not the end, an dream a smoke it?

    Piece of Red Cloth, that pieces of the ashes will be wrapped, warm, a big body, yet filled with a small box. Jia Huai when holding a casket, plodding tread, slowly

Out. I do not know why, at this time, he could no longer restrain emotions, tears turning down. After all, holding the hands of his father, is a person who gave their lives, blood flow with the same heat

Blood … …

    Jiaping Min seeing, stakes generally Dai Li side.  nfl jerseys china Funeral music sounded again, the hearse came back and, to the village, young and old had long lines of mourners stood there, waiting for the next “Parade”, that is

Along with the ashes of the whole team, from publicity to pass through the village, then go to the cemetery. The way white banner paper money, funeral crying intertwined, both sides of the numerous audience, people talking about finger-pointing.

    Jia old man that looks like a ghost, a son born Daoting handsome, no wonder people love; Qingming leaders have come to town, the son is not simple; look this son, how a little old man are not born;

Milk is said to eat the dog grew up, that horrible woman did not milk; This child was lucky, a child almost being Tisi; simple, a college student then, dragon Dragon born chicken, Jia on the exception, gave birth to still have a

Interest of his son, yesterday … that girl is so beautiful …

    Bury his father, the father can not stay buried fame.  coach purses outlet However, because of the liberation of Wu Yan Wu and village leaders have emerged, so that the social status of the family house in the village of Jia rapidly. Jiaping Min in neighbors

Before backing straight a lot. Jia Huai When men and women naturally became a topic of discussion, although Wu made the liberation of interpretation, but the play is the effect of various service trades, people still believe that the drift

Light when the girl is pregnant girlfriend Jia. However, this thing in Jiaping Min and Huai there when his mother did not make waves, but added Jia Huai When the aunt asked a few private, Jia Huai was also when a lot of perfunctory


    Jia Huai When Wu had never dreamed would come to offer condolences Yan, is I do not know what to do, when suddenly appear the liberation of Wu, which makes him even more suddenly, thought hard to end, thought they both had decent help

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