my body is disgusting

  October 10th, 2011 by miranda7

i cant stand this shit. this is ridiculous. i eat when im not hungry cuz it makes me ‘feel better’ which is so fuckin stupid. im know im fuckin ugly even though people tell me im beautiful. its usually men and i know they only have one goal so i dont fall for that shit anymore. i hate my skin color, my hair, my chest, my stomach, everything. i hate it. i dont know why god made me if i have such an ugly useless body. im 5’7″ 135lbs and not in shape so i look really bad and i dont know why men are always looking at me when i look like shit. they always say im so beautiful but i just dont see it. i just hate this disgusting body. i just want to cut myself all over. i hate this piece of shit that everybody claims is so fuckin beautiful and sexy yet they cant respect me for 5 mins.

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